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Finding Fearless is searching for stories that exemplify the five Be Fearless principles—people who are being bold and taking risks. We want to hear your favorite fearless story.

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It's time to ignite a more fearless approach to innovation and bring about transformational breakthroughs—one that requires taking risks, being bold and failing forward—and it starts with YOU. Finding Fearless is searching for stories of changemakers big and small—stories that bring the Be Fearless principles to life. How are you changing the world? Or how has an organization or someone else's Be Fearless journey inspired you? Dig into the principles below and submit your favorite story!


Makebig bets and make history.

Set audacious, not incremental, goals. So many people and organizations have a natural caution that leads them to make limited changes. They look at what seemed to work in the past, and they try to do more of it. But history suggests that the most significant cultural transformations occur when one or more people simply decide to try and make big change, rather than move incrementally.


experiment early and often.

Don't be afraid to go first. The world moves more quickly today than ever, and our responses have to keep up. To continue to respond creatively, we need to continue to experiment. Just when we think a certain intervention is working, that’s when we have to look down the road to see what new tools or new dynamics will challenge our assumptions or provide an even better solution.


make failurematter.

Failure teaches. Learn from it. No one seeks it out, but with innovation comes the risk of failure. Great innovators learn from it and many wear those failures as badges of honor. And if everyone commits to sharing lessons from failure, we will all be stronger and more prepared to attack the next challenge.


reachbeyond your BUBBLE.

It’s comfortable to go it alone. But innovation happens at intersections. There’s no question that working alone or with known connections is usually more comfortable than reaching out to people and entities that are unfamiliar. But breakthroughs don’t come from a place of comfort. Reaching beyond your bubble to forge new and unlikely partnerships is a key to discovery.


let urgencyconquerfear.

Don’t overthink and overanalyze. Do. Sure, it’s natural to want to study a problem from all angles and ask questions like: What if we are wrong? What if there is a better way? These are important questions, but they can also paralyze us in fear. Take bold action. Don't let fear get in the way. Use the energy that urgency brings to take action.


Help Us Findfearless

Have you seen these Be Fearless principles used in real life to create change? To inspire others to create change? Share a story of putting these principles into practice—whether it's from your own journey or the journey of another individual, organization or company that inspires you. Finding Fearless is looking for stories of fearless changemakers and we need your help to find them!